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The only TRUE Likas Soap

Radiant beauty: radiant and unified skin all year round

Exfoliate, remove dead cells and reawaken your skin’s natural glow. 

Papaya Exfoliator™ Anti-Spot Soap – Set of 3

Removes spots and illuminates the skin naturally

 4,6/5 – Read the 250 reviews

10 times Awarded: illuminating effect at first application and all spots fade within 2 weeks

No side-effects for all skin types

It’s like taking a trip to the islands every morning: a natural boost to illuminate your face in 2 minutes

  • Anti-spot action (brown, sun and hormonal spots, signs of old age)
  • Eliminates pregnancy mask
  • Makes acne scars disappear
  • Illuminates the complexion

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135 grams – 90 uses

  30-day money back guarantee

Your thoughts about our product

Thousands of results: a few before and after pictures

99% natural ingredients

Papaya extract

Coconut oil

Vitamin C


Complete list

Vitamin C, coconut oil, papaya extract, purified water, sodium palmate, sodium stearate and Ci 11920


 Free of kojic acid

Your Anti-Spot & Shine Routine

1. Apply soap to your skin

2. Lather the soap and leave for 30 seconds

3.Your skin is more luminous and your spots instantly start fading

Sensitive skin? If our soap stings during application, please space out the applications.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin afterwards with our lotion or cream.

Your Best Questions

Do you offer a guarantee for your products?

In order to combat counterfeiting and to demonstrate that we sell 100% authentic products, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Is likas soap available in stores?

Unfortunately we don’t sell in shops yet. Some shops sell Likas soap but beware: in 98% of cases those are counterfeit products.

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Does Likas Soap whiten the skin?

Likas soap is not a whitening soap, it does not change the color of the skin, it reveals the natural radiance of your skin (your complexion will be more radiant and brighter).

Is my tan going to go away?

Of course not, your beautiful tan’s not going to go away.


I have freckles, will they go away?

Freckles can’t disappear because of our product either.