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Perfect Glow Duo

Remove brown spots all over your body in 2 weeks

  • The first treatment specifically designed for brown to black skins
  • Unifies and illuminates the skin in 3 minutes a day
  • 9 Essential Actions through this Ultimate Duo of Natural products
  • Contains more than 150 uses, for a perfect skin all year round
  • Our products already won 10 Awards
 Perfect Glow Duo
1 x Papaya Anti Stain Soap
1 x Revitalizing Papaya Lotion  
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Searching for a complete and unique solution for perfect skin?

Are you looking for the most unified complexion possible, as luminous as ever, and for a skin free of pimples or brown spots? Look no further: this is what you need!


WARNING: a lot of stores sell counterfeit versions of our products!

We are the only ones to guarantee the authenticity of our products.

We decline any responsibility in the event of use of counterfeits (non-effectiveness, pimples or rashes).


Complete action for a perfect skin

9-in-1 action (Combined action soap + Papaya lotion)

Illuminates your complexion every day
Unifies your skin for perfect results
Reduces brown spots and scars
Replaces your make-up remover
Replaces your moisturizer
Regulates acne and pimples
Moisturizes your skin for a clean skin texture
Improves the hold of your makeup
Exfoliates your skin: it will be as soft as a baby!

IMPORTANT: No Hydroquinone, Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Glycols or Silicones.


Influencers can’t get enough of it!




The ingredients of our Perfection Duo


Coconut helps restoring the skin’s elasticity while removing excess sebum. Result: clean, pimple-free and smooth skin.


Papaya is rich in vitamin C which restores your skin’s energy and radiance by attacking pigmentation clusters. Say hello to a unified and luminous complexion.

3 free bonuses with your Perfection Papaya Duo

  • A guide to learn how to use our products optimally and to get the fastest possible results (Value: £19.99)
  • An e-book that will reveal new tips and tricks as well as a mistake you should never commit for your skin (Value: £12,99)
  • 30-days of councelling to guide you when using your cosmetics on a daily basis for a perfect results (Value: £24,99)

Total value: £57.97

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Skin care experts for black skins

Brown and black skins are still under-represented on TV and in the movies! And unfortunately it’s the same in the world of cosmetics…

Brands specializing in darker skins are extremely rare. The truth is that almost all cosmetics are designed for white skin!

That is why Likas has chosen to go the other way by offering natural products that are SPECIFICALLY designed for dark skins.

Because dark skins are more prone to hyperpigmentation (brown spots), developing products that are 100% adapted was necessary.

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